Physiotherapy outpatient wait times

Due to increased pressures on the NHS locally, we encourage patients to use the advice, information and exercises available on this website to help with your condition before seeking a referral to the physiotherapy service.

The Physiotherapy Outpatient department approximate wait times for general musculoskeletal routine cases are as follows:

  • North Bristol Trust: 14 weeks
  • University Hospital Bristol and Weston – Bristol site: 11 weeks
  • University Hospital Bristol and Weston – Weston site: 36 weeks
  • Sirona care & health: 29 weeks Sirona care & health clinic locations

This does not include waiting times for patients referred to specialist services.

Referrals are prioritised according to need. Those requiring urgent assessments will be seen within 2 weeks.

*This page was last updated on 14 April 2024.